Our Founding Team

We are a group of interdisciplinary students and young professionals, who work together across two continents and five countries, speak five different languages and share one common vision: A Better Tech Future.

Julia Guillemot – Strategy & Impact

Julia Guillemot is an advocate for the sustainable development of technology, and a co-founder of the Better Tech Network. Her work focuses on artificial intelligence governance and the integration of ethical concerns in the development and deployment of artificially intelligent systems. She is currently working at Ubisoft on fostering better connections in online ecosystems.

Julia graduated from IÉSEG School of Management where she wrote her graduate thesis on AI Ethics and has previously studied business, computer sciences and philosophy at Harvard, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Yale. She is also an early admit at Stanford GSB.

Besides her work in technology, Julia serves as a Senior Advisor to the Global Schools Program. As a firm believer of the importance of youth empowerment and education for sustainable development, she has been working since 2017 to create and scale the program into a global network of 1,000+ schools in 85+ countries, working locally to integrate the SDGs into school settings for almost a million students.

Roman Hansen – Partnerships & Fundraising

Roman studies social sciences in Germany, specializing in the societal impacts of technology.

Fabian Rabe – Education

Fabian is a self-employed freelancer for digital transformation projects in Lisbon, Portugal. While pursueing his masters at a business school in 2018, he got an unpleasant wake-up call when his social-media account was hacked. In the aftermath, he got very passionate about digital privacy, joined the Time Well Spent movement and began teaching himself digital literacy skills.

After an attempt to start a social enterprise that teaches digital education in Germany, he gratefully joined this group of critical thinkers. At the BTN he advocates for a balanced and intentional use of technolgy. In his leisure time, Fabian likes to spend time in nature and enjoys the company of a good book or his family and family.

Gema Julissa Tinoco – Communications

Gema values the power of inquiry and has utilized six years of experience with non-profit organizations to learn from the human condition. She currently studies Communications and Media at DePaul University in Chicago, USA.

Her co-founding of BTN was motivated by beginning a communications degree in 2017 amidst a polarized sociopolitical climate amplified by mass media, wishing to extend the conversation beyond lecture hall walls.

On her free time, Gema is introducing herself to night photography, American Sign Language, and chess. She solicits recommendations for dystopian art, literature, and film.

Hannah Nommé – Community Engagement

Hannah is from Wales and has worked for the Young UN, helping her see similarities in the systemic changes needed for both the climate crisis and a better tech future. She recently started a new job working out of London.

Hannah brings a lot of positive energy to the team, which she channels in community events or as a public speaker for the BTN.

Our Story

While each of us had our own personal moment of awakening – similar to when Neo took the red pill in Matrix – our paths crossed in the fall of 2020.

The timeline below illustrates what exactly brought us together and how our journey has evolved since.

2020, September

Premiere of Jeff Orlowski’s “The Social Dilemma”

The Netflix Documentary illustrated how a series of (un)intended consequences of tech is eroding our society and personal lives. This was another eye-opener as well as a call-to-action for our whole team.

2020, September

November, 2020

Movement for Humane Tech

The Center for Humane Technology followed up the documentary with a series of public online events. Finding ways to spend our time indoors amidst a pandemic, that’s where our group first met.

November, 2020

2020, December

Youth Advocates for Humane Tech

In all our minds were big questions around tech and many unfinished thoughts, which we didn’t know how to mature and act upon.

For months, these ideas floated freely every week within a range of time zones and a single Zoom room.

The lack of space, knowledge, and community gave us reason to start something of our own.

2020, December

January, 2021

Better Tech Network

Giving people a starting point to talk about the big questions around tech, and creating a community to be able to continue the conversations and mature ideas for a better tech future.

January, 2021

Your Part

We made this space for us, and now it’s yours, too.

Let’s talk about a better tech future.