Listen: Center for Humane Technology’s “Your Undivided Attention”

Recommendation by Fabian, co-founder of BTN, for your next listen.

Today, it is incredibly difficult to understand our technology environment. All the while, it affects us and our society through various (un)intended consequences. If you wish to grasp it nonetheless, this podcast is the right place to start. The thinkers behind the movement for Humane Technology, namely Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, regularly invite tech experts and activists to discuss and address one subject that relates to The Social Dilemma; algorithmic discrimination, perception gaps and disinformation, or the teen mental health crises, to name a few. While the problem-side of our tech world can feel depressing and frustrating when you hear them talk, part of the show also explores the solution-side and shares with listeners a way out of the rabbit hole.

My favorite episode was on ‘The Opposite of Addiction’ because it led to a personal paradigm shift in thinking how we can overcome the addictive nature of tech: not through sobriety, but through connection. But what does it really mean for us to connect nowadays? 

To dive deeper in such discussions, the CHT now hosts a Podcast Club after each new episode, featuring live Q&As with the podcast guest.

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